Saturday, September 16, 2006

Silent Induction

Today at the Portland Chapter meeting of the National Guild of Hypnotists, we learned a silent induction. I'm so accustomed to verbal inductions -- even inductions with props typically have accompanying verbal instructions -- that I often tend to forget that you can induce a hypnotic state just by saying, "that's right." Using movement alone is something I hadn't considered; as I reflect on my own experiences, though, the arm drop is the part of the Elman induction that always sends me right out. Geoffrey Knight taught today, explaining and demonstrating a technique developed by Marx Howell. It was absolutely lovely. Relaxing, playful, and effective. You could do the process by focusing on any large muscle group, checking to make sure they had no stiffness or soreness in any of the joints involved. And any one of the steps could be used as a deepening technique with another induction. Nice content, and nicely presented by Geoffrey.

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